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Job Title: Lake Attendant (Seasonal)
Seeking a responsible and independent Lake Attendant for the Pinebrook facilities, including the lake, beach, picnic areas, and other common areas. This role requires a mature individual who can manage facilities, ensure compliance with Pinebrook regulations, maintain cleanliness, and engage professionally with facility users. This seasonal position offers flexible hours and requires the ability to work without direct supervision, enforce rules, and maintain a welcoming and safe environment for all visitors.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Maintain cleanliness and orderliness of the bathrooms, beaches, picnic areas, and docks.
  • Enforce Pinebrook regulations, monitor facility usage, and maintain a daily log of visitors and incidents.
  • Address and manage interactions with facility users professionally and respectfully.
  • Perform tasks such as trash collection, restroom maintenance, sand raking, and minor landscaping duties.
  • Utilize a personal vehicle for onsite mobility and recommend having a personal cell phone for communication.


  • Must be at least 18 years of age with relevant work experience and references.
  • Demonstrates the ability to work and communicate effectively with both children and adults.
  • Capable of working independently with a self-directed attitude.
  • Must possess a high level of maturity, professionalism, and the ability to handle confrontational situations calmly.
  • Physical and mental capability to perform cleaning, maintenance tasks, and manage challenging interactions.
  • Vehicle ownership for onsite use and access to a cell phone is advised.
  • Must be eligible to work in the U.S. without requiring visa sponsorship

Working Conditions:

  • Seasonal employment from Memorial Weekend through Labor Day weekend, including holidays.
  • Flexible work schedule, with an expectation of 30 hours per week 
  • Salary: $16-$18 per hour.
  • Employment continuation is contingent on performance and integrity

This role is ideal for individuals with a strong sense of responsibility, excellent communication skills, and a commitment to maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for community members and guests.