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Fire Safety Property Inspections –

Is Your Property in Compliance?


Fire Safety Inspections for Pinebrook Bare and Improved Lots are now underway.


  • Bare Lot inspections and citations are done by EPFD.  You will be notified if you Fines have been running about $3500 per failed lot plus cost of cleanup
  • Improved Lot Inspections are Cal Fire You will be notified if you PASS or FAILFines have been running about $4500 per failed lot plus cost of cleanup and you need to make a court appearance with a judge.
  • Cal Fire has no timeframe or magic date for inspections, your lot is to always be ready for inspection compliance.
  • Keep your Passing LE100 form for your insurance agent.
  • This year you cannot open or close escrow on a property that has not passed the inspection.
  • Your lot status is stored in a Cal Fire database with compliance status.  When fighting fires, lots not in compliance may not be addressed due to safety and difficulty in containing the fire on that lot.
  • The Pinebrook website pinebrookhoa.com_home page under “Key Information”, has Fire Safety Compliance requirements for Improved and Bare lots. You will also find Lot Cleaners and Tree Fallers under “Greater Arnold Area Services” on the home page.
  • It is reported that 70% of fires come from roads.  Your lot is on a county or private road with easements from 10’ to 30’ from your property line to the pavement.  You are asked to clean this area of all needles, debris, dead brush / trees / grasses, and ladder fuels below larger trees. This is really critical if your lot is uphill from the paved road.


  • EPFD will contact you with a letter if you are not in compliance, most of Pinebrook has been inspected.  You usually have about 30 days to get in compliance before citations start.
  • Cal Fire will contact you with a letter if you PASS, have MINOR ISSUES, or FAILKeep the PASS LE100 form for the reasons above to prove you had NO VIOLATIONS OBSERVED.
  • If you have MINOR ISSUES, you have NOT PASSED and will have a list of items to take care of within 30 days.  If these are not corrected, you will enter the Cal Fire database as NOT COMPLIANT and the citation process begins.
  • If you FAIL due to major issues or nothing done, you are now in the Cal Fire Database and you have 30 days to get in compliance.
  • Current progress with Pinebrook property inspections indicates about 60% have PASSED, and about 35% have MINOR ISSUES with the remainder FAILING.  A good start, but correction and maintenance is needed in 30 days. Many of the Minor Issues had pine needles on the roof, gutters, and valleys.  Many had ground debris to pick up or debris piles to remove or a few small dead trees.  We don’t usually recommend a service, but in the case of roof cleaning, Gonzalo Barbosa is responsive and reasonable.  $75 for a small cabin with not too steep of roofs up to $175 for large house and steep roofs.  Call or text 209 822-8204.   Many lot cleaners are now available and can quickly take care of your MINOR ISSUES and address your FAIL issues.
  • If you have an improved lot (House on it) and don’t get a letter in the next week or so you can email pinebrook@pinebrookhoa.com to get status.  If you got the forms but have a question, also email, do not phone or text.

Reporting Emergencies
When available, always use a Land Line for 911 phone
calls. In many instances, cell phones result in slow
response time. Land line 911 calls go direct to Calaveras
County 911 Dispatch.
When Cell Phone must be used, it is suggested to call
Calaveras County Sheriff Dispatch at 209 754-6500
which is always available to report your emergency. They
will transfer you to the right organization if needed via
While not always “manned”, here are other phone
numbers to call: –
o EPFD 209 795-1646
o CalFire 209 795-1542
Email – pinebrook@pinebrookhoa.com
Website – www.pinebrookhoa.com

PB ALERT: Fire Safety Compliance Lot Inspection Process and Schedule

Personal Data Opt-Out Information

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Sunday, September 5th at 5:00 pm

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  • Reminder: The Pinebrook Annual Meeting is at 10:00 am in the Town Hall or Picnic Area

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