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Due to County and State Covid 19 restrictions.Until further notice the Town Hall cannot be reserved and used for events.However, the RV sites are available for renting .

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Road Conditions

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 Pinebrook News

2021 Spring & Summer – Get Ready for Fun!

New Camp Hosts – Chris & Mitch Brewer, will arrive April 1st,
drop by and introduce yourselves and welcome them.
Covid-19 – no change to current operating plan posted on the
Pinebrook website but look forward to opening more of our
facilities and events this year. Watch for email updates.
New Common Area WIFI – higher band width with improved
coverage that will support hundreds of users at higher speed.
The password is obvious, but send email requesting it if needed.
Town Hall – when Covid allows, the Town Hall can be used
again. We have disconnected TV service, but the VCR and DVD
remain operational. Review Policy & Procedure #3 for details.
Common Area – we have many maintenance and repair
projects lined up from now through May. Be careful in the
common areas during this timeframe. Volunteer help is always
RV Sites – there has been lots of reservation activity so far this
year, so if you want to reserve a site, get your reservations in
soon. All reservations must be made on the Pinebrook website.
Fire Safety Compliance – we anticipate that CalFire and EPFD
will be doing the inspections again this year. Have your
property in compliance (described on the website) by Memorial
Day Weekend. There is lots of winter damage and debris to
clean up. If you are burning the needles, leaves, grasses, debris
and limbs; let your neighbors know when you are burning so
they are not surprised. Check for burn days by phoning
209-754-6600. You can obtain burn permits on line via the
CalFire website.
Event Calendar – please review the website calendars for
planned meetings, events and activities. The calendars are also
posted on the Town Hall Bulletin Board.
Common Area Rules – Policy & Procedure #3 provides all
details relating to use of the common areas that include, the
Lake, Beach, Picnic, Playgrounds, Ball Field and Disc Golf Course.
As a “friendly reminder”, no Dogs, Bicycle or Skateboard Riding
are allowed. For clarity, new Fishing Rule signs have been
posted. There are no trash facilities and all common areas are
subject to “Pack it In – Pack it Out” for all trash. The beach
attendant will furnish a trash bag on request. If you have any
questions speak with the Beach Attendant, Camp Host or refer
to the Board Member Contact List on the Website or Bulletin
Reporting Emergencies
When available, always use a Land Line for 911 phone
calls. In many instances, cell phones result in slow
response time. Land line 911 calls go direct to Calaveras
County 911 Dispatch.
When Cell Phone must be used, it is suggested to call
Calaveras County Sheriff Dispatch at 209 754-6500
which is always available to report your emergency. They
will transfer you to the right organization if needed via
While not always “manned”, here are other phone
numbers to call: –
o EPFD 209 795-1646
o CalFire 209 795-1542
Email – pinebrook@pinebrookhoa.com
Website – www.pinebrookhoa.com

Pinebrook Facilities COVID 19 phase 3 Restrictions
Tuesday, June 30th
Please follow this link and read carefully to understand how
Pinebrook plans to operate during COVID 19 restrictions.

Note, as COVID 19 Restrictions change, we will advise you
of changes by email

PB ALERT: Fire Safety Compliance Lot Inspection Process and Schedule

Personal Data Opt-Out Information

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