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Road Conditions
Murphys Drive Closure
Most of you probably know that Murphys drive is closed where it washed out at Moran Creek.

So for the next several months access will be up the very narrow section of Murphys and around Flanders.

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 Pinebrook News

  1. The 2nd CalFire Compliance Inspections are Underway

. Voluntary CalFire Inspectors are moving through Pinebrook right now inspecting

compliance failed properties from about June 16th (approximately 83 properties).

Early results indicate about a 40% repeat failure rate.  All Passers and Failures for

this second inspection will receive a notice of status in the mail.  CalFire officers

will pick up the non-compliant properties going forward for citation and prosecution.

. Joan Lark of EPFD is working the bare unimproved lots and will continue to be in

contact with you with needed actions to get in compliance.

. As previously communicated to you, inspectors are also assessing properties that

passed the 1st inspection but now have tall grasses and weeds or debris buildup.

If you received a PASS back in June, you may receive a FAIL now if your property

has not been maintained.

  1. A reminder that there are programs for removal of Dead, Dying, and Live Trees

   . Previous NEWS releases have outlined active programs for removing Dead and Dying

trees by PG&E and Calaveras County.  PG&E also has a live tree removal program.

. If you have a dead or diseased tree that can fall and hit County roads or buildings,

you can contact Dr. Richard Harris at 707 685-5508, rrharrisconsulting@gmail.com and

ask questions about your dead tree candidate or if scheduled removals moving

through Pinebrook right now will address trees on your property.  All marking may not

be completed but look for CC on a tree in white paint meaning marked for removal.  This

program normally calls for your approval of removal.

. PG&E (Call PG&E at the normal service number and ask for Vegetation Management to get

an ACRT contractor to come out and assess your dead/dying trees that could fall and

hit PG&E wires and hardware).  Negotiate removal of the logs and debris as they usually

remove the debris but want you to take care of the logs.  A X or XX or 3X sign on the

tree in various colors indicates trees to be removed.  Colored dots mean trimming.

. PG&E also has a program to take out live trees within 25’ of high power lines.  Again

call PG&E about this program, get a signed contract and have them remove everything

unless you want the logs.  They eventually take them away.  Again usually red X markings

on trees and yellow x markings on down logs.

. Your final chance to get someone else to remove a dead tree, would be if it is in the

county easement next to the paved roads (usually about 12’ from the pavement) it is a

county tree, so call Public Works and request the removal.

  1. Recently Observed Pine Beetle Kills in Pinebrook

   . A drive through Pinebrook will reveal newly dead and dying pine trees.  The Beetles

are active again evident by the pitch on the trunks and the quick needle color change.

. Many of those observed are in a location where one of the removal programs above

will apply.  Check your property and make contact now before the beetles spread to

the rest of your trees and your neighbor’s trees.

. Be ready to handle this expensive removal yourself.  Contractors are in the Pinebrook

website (www.pinebrookhoa.org) under the Services section (Green Debris removal and

Tree Fallers).  Fire Safety compliance inspections will also identify these trees.  

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