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Pinebrook News

Welcome to Fall & Winter in Pinebrook.

1.Common Area Status: Got WIFI?
– Lake is drained (all the fish are gone) and outside water is turned off
– Beach Sand is stacked along with most picnic tables: please stay off
– Beach bathroom and motorized equipment are shut down & winterized
– Town Hall and recreational areas and facilities are still usable
– You will see 6 high performance WIFI connections: password is “pinebrookHOA1”.
Happy Streaming Holidays! Website www.PinebrookHOA.com is your info
center and email pinebrook@pinebrookhoa.com is your access. Get help
from the website Contacts home page entry and from the Greater Arnold
Services entry.
– Recent 11 inches of rain storm caused no known problems
– Are your cabins/houses/vehicles winterized?
2. COVID Restrictions and Guidelines
– No requirements in outside areas – use common sense and spacing
– Outside sponsored events will be organized and run for protection
– Inside Town Hall usage suggests consideration for the following:
Social distancing, Masks, Cleanliness, limit food and drink sharing
3. Fire Safety Compliance
– 7 improved properties failed all three inspections – CalFire pursuing
– 3 bare lot owners failed to respond to CCWD requirements
– Overall Pinebrook looks great and fire season is over. You can burn with a
permit (get it online from CalFire) and always check the daily burn status at
209 754-6600. BE SAFE!
4. Delinquent HOA dues (You know who you are)
– 14 Pinebrook property owners owe dues and penalties
. 5 owe penalties
– UFM folks will get invoices in mid-November due by December 31st
– If your contact phone, email, or mailing address has changed, reply to this
email with your Name and Pinebrook lot number and address with the
the changes.

Reporting Emergencies
When available, always use a Land Line for 911 phone
calls. In many instances, cell phones result in slow
response time. Land line 911 calls go direct to Calaveras
County 911 Dispatch.
When Cell Phone must be used, it is suggested to call
Calaveras County Sheriff Dispatch at 209 754-6500
which is always available to report your emergency. They
will transfer you to the right organization if needed via
While not always “manned”, here are other phone
numbers to call: –
o EPFD 209 795-1646
o CalFire 209 795-1542
Email – pinebrook@pinebrookhoa.com
Website – www.pinebrookhoa.com

PB ALERT: Fire Safety Compliance Lot Inspection Process and Schedule

Personal Data Opt-Out Information

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