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Fire Safety Inspections This Year

Be ready!


Our hope for a rainy season did not happen again this year, so it looks like High Fire Danger in the Sierra.  Please get your property in compliance and be ready for inspections which will start around June 1st.  Fire compliance requirements are on the website – Key Information/Fire Safety.  Please download Pinebrook P&P 12 – Fire Safety and print it out for reference.

  • EPFD does bare lot inspections and their plan is to start inspecting when the new leaves are out and there is no forecast of snow, so when the Dogwood blooms.
  • CalFire through volunteers does improved properties.  No details yet but expect inspections to start around June 1st.
  • Now is the time to get your properties in compliance with a lot to do with the tree damage from the December storm.

A list of lot cleaners is on the website – navigate to

Greater Arnold Area Services & Entertainment

and then “select”

Snow, Tree, Green Debris Removal

Then you can print out the list.

Reporting Emergencies –

 When available, always use a Land Line for 911 phone
calls. In many instances, cell phones result in slow
response time. Land line 911 calls go direct to Calaveras
County 911 Dispatch.
 When Cell Phone must be used, it is suggested to call
Calaveras County Sheriff Dispatch at 209 754-6500
which is always available to report your emergency. They
will transfer you to the right organization if needed via
 While not always “manned”, here are other phone
numbers to call: –
o EPFD 209 795-1646
o CalFire 209 795-1542
Email – pinebrook@pinebrookhoa.com
Website – www.pinebrookhoa.com

PB ALERT: Fire Safety Compliance Lot Inspection Process and Schedule

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